Posted: 9 October 2008 - Dennis Del Favero will be presenting the AVIE and T_Visionarium projects.

    "eLandscapes" New Media Art Exhibition, Shanghai

    Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
    Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art

    Curator: Richard Castelli (France)

    eLANDSCAPES not only perpetuate the tradition of panoramas with the added value of stereoscopy and interactivity but it proposes many others ways to considers the concept of landscape.

    eLANDSCAPES involves a total re-working of the screen-spectator relation for which new technologies and new narrations are necessary. Whether immersive, labyrinthine, and/or interactive, these new possibilities are bringing numerous centres of research and production together with new artists who are liberating themselves from the constraints of the classical screen and are proposing to draw out and to sculpt the projected image and to shatter the relation between the spectator and the works.

    To avoid an audience’s feeling of a too narrow-minded vision about landscapes in mutation, concentrated only on projected images, eLANDSCAPES will be punctuated with some more “concrete “installations to prove that new ways of thinking the concept of landscape can be express also through more physical elements as moving beds controlled by computer, light traveling upon used plastic bottles or fog and light installation to give a more organic aspect to this exhibition.

    The Exhibition will divide into two places. In Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, artworks with more interaction and participation will be presented while in Shanghai Zendai Museum of Modern Art, artworks more academic and exploratory will be displayed.

    Participant Artists and Artworks:
    T_Visionarium - Neil Brown, Dennis Del Favero, Jeffrey Shaw & Peter Weibel
    The path of Damastes - Jean Michel Bruyère
    AVIE-La Dispersion du Fils - Jean Michel Bruyère
    Y-aller - Du Zhenjun
    Place Hampi - Sarah Kenderdine & Jeffrey Shaw
    Le declin ble - Diane Landry
    Waveform - Ulf Langheinrich
    Golden Calf - Jeffrey Shaw
    ReACTOR UNMAKEABLELOVE - Sarah Kenderdine & Jeffrey Shaw
    ReACTOR-Double District - Saburo Teshigawara
    Hemisphere - Ulf Langheinrich
    The path of Damastes - Jean Michel Bruyère
    Exploded Camera - Julien Maire
    Low Resolution - Julien Maire
    Apocalypse - Julien Maire
    Aquagraf - Christian Partos
    Mom - Christian Partos
    Step-motor animation - Christian Partos
    POL - Granular Synthesis
    Micro Image - Casey Reas
    Parallaxe - Matthias Fritsch