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Mira Makai

Leona Tobien and Mira Makai - Ceramics

8th March - 21st April 2019

Dalma Mira Makai (born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1990. Lives and works in Budapest).

The brightly glazed ceramics of Mira Makai gleam in the illuminated showcase as though they were magnificent corals under water. Yet their realism remains intangible. The canvas behind them, however, signals that the objects also simply constitute painted items in a three-dimensional space. The canvas is similarly colourful and fluid in structure. Above all, it is an incredibly vibrantly painted abstract spatial representation. (Award winner 2015) - Vitus Weh - Art Advisor of Esterházy Private Foundation.

Leona Tobien (born in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1970 , lives and works in Berlin).

"No use intended." "What is it for?" A question that is regulary asked with ceramic objects.

My works are for limited use or no use at all. They develop depending on the materials used: Porcelain and paperclay create fragile objects; Raku clay creates more solid ones. The material can tear and break. My drug is the material, it looks for its own shape and surface. My hands shape but don’t control. The glazing of the ceramics creates more possible designs than the modelling. The glazing can be glossy or matt, block out or transparent. The colours often do their own thing. They change their shade according to the temperature, the thickness of the application, the supply of oxygen, the ratio of the mixture, the type of clay and the conditions on the day. Some objects develop from nothing and are pure aesthetics that bow down to the earth and the colour.”