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Peter Wüthrich

shortstories and twobooks

23rd May to 1st July, 2023
For almost 30 years, Peter Wüthrich's artistic work has revolved around books.
His studio is like a library where books are collected, stacked and sorted.

Peter Wüthrich sees books as people, which they ultimately are. The book bundles in itself human knowledge, insights, reflections, dreams, longings, feelings and fears.
To read a book is to immerse oneself in the author's world.
Thus, the book is a mediator between the author and us, the reader.
It is a mediator between the real and the imaginary.
The whole dimension of the power of imagination is of great importance to Peter Wüthrich.
Thus, to imagine means to conceive and to create. And this unique power makes human beings what they are: creative beings who can create themselves and their world anew.

A book is therefore always a "creation of a world". For Peter Wüthrich it makes no difference whether it is trivial literature or world classics. The ability to create worlds and realities comes to full fruition in every book. Hence Peter Wüthrich works with books of the most varied ‘couleurs’ in order to reflect the diversity and colourfullness of human existence and life - profound, philosophical, banal, emotional, theoretical, funny, dramatic, sprawling, succinct, sensual, etc. - in every book.