In the Community Gardens

Following her residency at Thirning Villa in Ashfield (Sydney, Australia), Anita Fricek presented her work at Chrissie Cotter Gallery 2018. Focussing on the connections between people and plants formed through communal activity, Anita's work in Ashfield came out of her participation in two community gardens in the area, and on her friendship with the groundsman at Pratten Park, where Thirning Villa is located.

Her drawings and paintings are taken from video footage Anita made of gardeners, of the groundsman, as well as of a community garden in Vienna. Some older paintings are based on the 70s book by the Austrian gardener and educator Anton Eipeldauer explaining how children and their parents can grow flowers together.

Anita Fricek finds intense beauty in the way people work and carry out ordinary tasks. For her, recording the visible world with her pens and brushes is a form of touching, of reaching out, and of creating something new. In this way she tries to communicate a strong, affirmative answer to life through her work, an answer found in friendship and equality. Anita's work is therefore also a political quest, one that begins from a sense of social responsibility.

1994- 1996 Visiting Scholar, University of Western Sydney, Nepean, Art School, Sydney, Australia.
1989-1994 Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria, M.F.A.
1987-1989 City University of New York, Queens College Art Department, New York, NY, USA.
1985-1987 Istituto Dante Alighieri / Studio Hamilton, Florence, Italy.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 .In den Gemeinschaftsgärten, Austrian Horticultural Museum, Vienna.
2018 .In the Community Gardens, Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Sydney.
2016 .From Flowers to Gardens, Patti and Rusty Rueff Galleries, Purdue University, West- Lafayette, US, in conjunction with the international conference Art and Philosophy supported by Purdue University and Université de Paris Quest Nanterre La Défense (curator: Catherine Dossin).
2014 .Kinderporträts, Sternstudio Gallery, Vienna.
2012 .An approach to an institutional cartography.
Scenes from Emmi Pikler's Lóczy Orphanage. Peloton Gallery, Sydney.
2007 .Anita Fricek. The Sound of Your Eyes - Neue Malerei von Anita Fricek,
Künstlerhaus Passagegalerie, Vienna (curator: Ursula Maria Probst).
2003 .passagen 2: exercises in becoming a citizen, Künstlerhaus Passagegalerie, Vienna (curator: Ursula Maria Probst).
2002 .fluctuated images: Girl Talk, Fluc, Vienna (curator: Ursula Maria Probst)
2000 .London Biennale 2000, Stuff Gallery, London (initiated by David Medalla).
1999 .A Perfect Movement, Austrian Cultural Institute, London,
(collaboration with Barbara Sturm).
.just wait and see what happens, SOUTH Gallery, Sydney.
1998 .European (Union) Women,
T 19 Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Vienna.
.With Mother & Crown (European Women), SOUTH Gallery, Sydney.
1997 .swivel, mingle, loop, Pendulum Gallery, Sydney.
.Snakeskin, CBD Gallery, Sydney.
.Herpetology, Performance Space Gallery, Sydney.
1996 .The Kings New Dress, Watch This Space Gallery,
Alice Springs, (collaboration with Chris Fortescue).
.Untitled, Mailing Gallery, Casula Power House Arts Centre, Sydney.
.Strip Tease, YZ Gallery, University of Western Sydney, Nepean, Sydney.
1993 .Zeichen, Werte und Systeme, Institute for Contemporary Art,
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 .Anita Fricek, Gavin Hurley, Sam Mitchell, Susan Boutwell Gallery, Munich.
2011 .Nothing in the World But Youth, Turner Contemporary, Margate,
(curator: Lauren A Wright), catalogue.
2009 .Schönheit des Hässlichen, Forum Frohner, Krems.
(curators: Dieter Ronte, Andrea Winklbauer).
.Common History and its Private Stories, Museum on Demand (MUSA), Vienna.
(curators: Iara Boubovna, Roland Fink), catalogue.
2008 .The Lóczy Orphanage, Contemporary Art Center Vilnius, Lithuania, Viennafair.
2007 .Critical and Clinical Documentation, Multitudes/Paris / Documenta 12 Magazines, and Multitudes 30, Fall 2007
(organisation, editors: Eric Alliez, Giovanna Zapperi).
.ARTmART, Künstlerhaus, Wien (curator: Peter Bogner).
2006 .Blick-Wechsel 2015. 8 Künstler. 8 Filme. 8 Ziele., UN-Millenniumkampagne,
Paulskirche, Frankfurt (curator: Marjorie Jongbloed).
.THE SOUND OF YOUR EYES, Opening Kunstplatz Karlsplatz,
Künstlerhaus Passagegalerie, Wien (curator: Ursula Maria Probst).
.play: special edition volume 25: Local - Recent video art from Australia,
TV channel Okto (curator: Justene Williams).
.play: special edition volume 12: Suspense I - Cuttings,
TV channel Okto (curator: Andrea Winklbauer).
.play: special edition volume 9: Voyagers,
TV channelOkto (curator: Ursula Maria Probst).
2005 .SIMULTAN. zwei sammlungen österreichischer fotografie,
Museum der Moderne Salzburg (curator: Urs Stahel), catalogue.
.Populism, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius; National Museum of Art, Architectur
and Design, Oslo; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Frankfurter Kunstverein,
Frankfurt (curators: Lars Bang Larsen, Christina Ricupero, Nicolaus
Schaffhausen), catalogue.
.The Invisible Insurrection of a Million Minds, Sala Rekalde, Bilbao
(curators: Lars Bang Larsen, Charles Guerra, Chus Martinez), catalogue.
.Das Neue Europa. Kultur des Vermischens und Politik der Repräsentation,
with >a room of one´s own<, Generali Foundation, Vienna
(curators: Marius Babias, Dan Perjovschi).
2004 .LIFE : CUT, KAPU (organisiert von den Vereinen FIFTITU, KAPU, MEDEA) Linz.
.don’t stereotape me!, Feministische Videointervention, Viennale, Vienna
(organisation: Österreichische Hochschülerschaft).
.born to be a star, Künstlerhaus, Vienna (curator: Ursula Maria Probst), catalogue.
.3. Berlin Biennale, with >a room of one´s own<, Kunstwerke Berlin
(curator: Ute Meta Bauer), catalogue.
2003 .Mothers of invention-where is performance coming from, with >a room of one´s own<,
Mumok Factory, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
(curators: Carola Dertnig, Stephanie Seibold).
.21er, 20er Haus, Wien.
.Künstlerinnen - Positionen 1945 bis heute, Kunst Halle Krems (curators: Christa
Hauer-Fruhmann, Brigitte Borchhardt-Birbaumer, Silvie Steiner, Elisabeth
Voggeneder), catalogue.
.passagen 4, Videoprogramm, Künstlerhaus Passagegalerie, Vienna
(curator: Ursula Maria Probst).
.drinnen ist's anders, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna (curator: Sascha Reichstein).
2002 .Dud Slides, Briefcase, Sydney.
.Das Experiment 2b: >a room of one's own<, Secession, Vienna, catalogue.
2001 .Kollaborationen (Galerie 1:10), Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg.
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(curators: Forum für Angewandte Kunst, Nuremberg) (catalogue).
.Self Service/Painting, Five Years Gallery, London.
.New Releases, Art Gallery of New South Wales & Gallery 4A,
(curator: Emil Goh), Sydney.
2000 .89,99,2000 Stipendien für bildende Kunst: die neue Künstlergeneration,
Kunst Halle Krems (curators: Wolfgang Denk , Brigitte Huck, Hortensia
Völckers), catalogue.
.Stuffed, Stuff Gallery, London.
.Drawing Show, Briefcase, Sydney.
.Vienna All-Girl Show, Briefcase, Sydney.
1999 .Ground Up, Artspace, Sydney (curator: Adam Boyd), catalogue.
.Soho in Ottakring, Vienna.
.Anita Fricek, Elisabeth Grübl, Manfred Grübl, Elisabeth Penker, Barbara Sturm,
Kuvataideakatemian Galleria, Helsinki.
1998 .Glovebox, SOUTH Gallery, Sydney.
.airportraits und andere flugversuche, Airport Graz.
.Garden, Desaran Gallery, Sydney.
.Eröffnungsausstellung - opening a gallery,
T19 Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Vienna.
.Be seeing you..., Mori Gallery, Sydney.
.Projections, 151 Regent Street Gallery, Sydney.
.The Origins of Ideas, SOUTH Project Space, Sydney.
.Positionen zeitgenössischer Kunst, Parlament, Vienna.
1997 .Vier Meisterschulen, Parlament, Vienna, catalogue.
1995 .Just a Memento, Casula Power House Arts Centre, Sydney, catalogue.
1994 .M.F.A. Show, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, catalogue.
1993 .Spiegelsprung, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, catalogue.
1992 .Istropolitana Project, Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava, catalogue.
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1991 .Untitled, Alte Sargfabrik, Vienna.

2001 .London Stipend by the Austrian Federal Chancellery, Art Department.
2000 .Austrian State Stipend.
1999 .Artist in Residence Studio, Artspace, Sydney, Australia.
1997 .Artist in Residence Studio, Gunnery Studios, Sydney, Australia
by the New South Wales Ministry of the Arts and the Australia Council for the Arts.
1994 .Scholarship by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education and the Arts.
1994 .Meisterschule Prize.

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