"The themes of my work are the way I perceive reality, the exploration of boundaries and their transgression - deformation and formation, search and loss, finding again under new conditions. They are a reaction to a constantly changing reality. Views must always be readjusted. Each image becomes its own process, in a certain period of time, and in its own materiality." 

Charlotte Acklin, painter and filmmaker, studied and graduated in theatre directing/acting. Lives and works in Munich.

Theatre engagements at the municipal stages in Bern, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Stuttgart.

Director for feature and documentary films, for ARD, ZDF, 3sat, and ARTE. Her films have been nominated and awarded with numerous prizes, including the Golden Lion/German Television Award, New York Film Festival, Gold and Silver Awards Houston Film Festival.

Charlotte Acklin started painting while working as a filmmaker; guest at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (with Robin Page, among others). In recent years painting has gained more space with large-format abstract paintings (oil/mixed media) and drawings (graphite/carbon).

2014 Galerie Christian Pixis, Munich, Schichtung und Schieferung
2016 Galerie Christian Pixis, Munich, Aufsicht und Untergrund
2018 Susan Boutwell Gallery, Munich

Private collections