Pictorial space and its illusory potential have always lured Peter Daverington: "I was drawing every day as a child, it's what I loved to do," he states. "My father taught me to shade with a pencil and draw perspective. Ever since I have been tirelessly fascinated by illusionistic space and three­ dimensional depth. It's a simple pleasure that never abandoned me. I then became a graffiti artist when I was eleven and developed a lot of technique from using the spray can. Bright colour and fading are elements I have carried through in my work. I taught myself to use oil paints, they are so difficult and elusive, but that's what I love about them."

Daverington combines this love of image-making with a broad and deep knowledge of art history. Casting an eye across his canvases, the viewer sees a startling array of art historical lineages, which tumble together in nuanced and often surprising ways: "I am interested in a kind of severe juxtaposition of visual languages," he states. "My compositions rely on this tension between hard-edge geometric line work and representational painting. I am primarily concerned with a pictoria l space that was invented through the history of painting."

Yet this interest in the different logics of pictorial space that have developed over centuries of art history is combined with a persistent interest in the contemporary: "The evolution of art and its gradual development in representing three-dimensional space is a fascination of mine, which I study endlessly. l am, however, internste in trying to make paintings that are truly of the 21st century, yet also reach a long way back into the past."

Excerpt from: The bewildering Spectacle by Phil Murray, Art Collector, Oct-Dec 2014

2007 Part-time Lecturer in Painting, Victorian College of the Arts
2006 Lecturer in Painting, Winter/Summer School, VCA

2006 Master of Fine Art, Victorian College of the Arts
2004 Graduate Diploma in Visual Art, Victorian College of the Arts
1992-2002 Lived and travelled in 46 Countries, with extended periods in Egypt, Germany, Turkey and the USA.


Solo Exhibitions

2019 New Paintings, Susan Boutwell Gallery, Munich
2018 Surface Zero, Art One Gallery, Melbourne
2017 Daverington does de Chirico, Susan Boutwell Gallery, Munich
2016 Before the Apocalypse, Shanghai Mass Art Center, Shanghai
Weltlandschaft, Arc One Gallery, Melbourne,
2015 Iconophilia, The Lodge Gallery, New York, NY
Lacuna, Chasm Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2014 Because Painting, Arc One Gallery, Melbourne
Into the Never, Hill Smith Gallery, Adelaide
2013 From the Future with Love, Arc One Gallery, Melbourne
2011 Poiesis, Arc One Gallery, Melbourne
2010 Holy Mountain, Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney
2009 Peter Daverington, Arc One Gallery, Melbourne
2008 Everness, Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney
Peter Daverington, Arc One Gallery, Melbourne
2007 The Dervish Series, Fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne
2006 Reflections on Hyperspace, Until Never, Melbourne
Modulations II, Mars Gallery, Melbourne
2005 Modulations, Mars Gallery, Melbourne
2004 Smyrnios Gallery, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions

2016 The Oasis, Gitler_& Gallery, New York
Bayside Aquisitive Art Prize, Bayside Cultural Centre, Melbourne
New in Town, Susan Boutwell, Munich
Divine Abstraction, Justin Art House Museum, Melbourne
2015 Lurid Beauty - Australian Surrealism and its Echoes, NGV, Australia
The Garden, QUT Museum, Queensland
The Hunt of the Unicorn, Gitler_&, New York
Post Human Utopia, The Lodge Gallery, New York, NY
2014 Archibald Prize, National Gallery of New South Wales
Currents - Santa Fe International New Media Festival, Santa Fe, NM
A World Apart, Arc One Gallery, Melbourne
Perceptions of Space: Justin Collection, Glen Eira City Council Gallery
2013 TGF Sports, the Lodge Gallery, New York, NY
Fleurieu Art Prize, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia
Banyule Award for Works on Paper, Hatch Contemporary Arts Space
New Horizons, Gippsland Art Gallery
Archibald Prize, National Gallery of New South Wales
Sulman Prize, National Gallery of New South Wales
The Lie of the Land – Contemporary Landscapes from the Collection,
Geelong Gallery
Arcadia, Innovators 1, Linden Centre of Contemporary Art, Melbourne
Peekskill Project V, Hudson Valley Center of Contemporary Art, Peekskill, NY
2012 100 Little Deaths, Bravin Lee Programs, New York, NY
The Big Scope, Lake Macquarie Gallery, NSW
Currents - Santa Fe International New Media Festival, Santa Fe, NM
Under The Influence, Kianga Ellis Projects, Brooklyn, NY
2011 New Romantics, curated by Simon Gregg, Gippsland Art Gallery
KIAF11, Arc One Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Art + Architecture II, Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney
2010 John Leslie Art Prize, Gippsland Gallery
Fletcher Jones Art Prize, Geelong Gallery
Sulman Prize, Art Gallery of NSW
Australian Contemporary Drawing1, RMIT Gallery
2009 Keith and Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship Exhibition, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, VCA
Blake Prize (touring), Wagga Wagga Art Gallery
2008 Blake Prize, NAS Gallery, Sydney
Fletcher Jones Art Prize, Geelong Gallery
MacarthurCook Award, Fortyfivedownstairs Gallery
2008 Melbourne Art Fair 2008, Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney
2007 Australian Drawing Part 2, John Buckley Gallery
Keith and Elisabeth Murdoch Travelling Fellowship Exhibition, VCA, Melbourne
2006 Metro 5 Art Prize, Metro 5 Gallery
ABN AMRO, Optus Tower, Melbourne
2005 Dominique Segan Drawing Prize Old Castlemaine Gaol
Graduates, Dickerson Gallery
2004 Graduate Exhibition, VCA Gallery
Special, Seventh Gallery
Umpa Art Prize, George Paton Gallery
ANZ Visual Arts Fellowship, ANZ Bank, Melbourne
National works on paper, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery
2003 Brett Whiteley Travelling Arts Scholarship, Brett Whiteley Gallery, AGNSW
Robert Jacks Drawing Prize, Bendigo Art Gallery
Banyule Works on Paper, Banyule City Council Gallery
MLC Acquisitive, MLC Melbourne
Dominique Segan Drawing Prize, Castlemaine State Festival
2002 Architectural drawings, Sofa Gallery, Istanbul
1998 Tagged, Sects Gallery, Vancouver
1992 Off the Wall, National Gallery of Victoria


2009 From the Garden of Ecstasy, Sunday Live, ABC FM
Alchemy of Joy, 3MBS Radio: Live at the Convent
2008 Sufi-Jazz Fusion, with Kudsi Erguner Ensemble, BMW Edge, Melbourne International Arts Festival
Alchemy of Joy, Fortyfivedownstairs Gallery
Mystical Journeys, Monash University
2007 Sema, with Sufi Music performance, Fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne
2005 Turkish Sufi Music performances at Parliament House Canberra and
State Parliament House Victoria
2001 Ney Flute performance with Ertugrul Erkisi, STV, Turkish TV
2001 Ney Flute performance with Spaceboat TV, EMP, Seattle
1998-2000 Sema, Touring Neyzen with Mevlevi of North America

2017 Werksviertel Mitte, Munich
2014 Audobon Mural Project, Harlem, NY
2013 World Blood Donors Day Mural, Minhang Dept of Health, Shanghai, China
Uma Temaqueria, Chelsea, NY, USA
2011 Hibernian House,Sydney, Australia
2010 Biosol, Ahrweiler, Germany
2007 Villa 21, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2005 Langham Hotel, Melbourne, Australia
2003 MAB, Condor Building, Docklands, Melbourne, Australia
2001 Wish, Seattle, USA
1998 Sultanahmet, Istanbul Turkey
1997 Malostranska, Prague, Czech Republic
1996 Ahrweiler, Germany
1993 San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
1991 Ministry of Transport Mural project, Collingwood, Australia


Geelong Gallery
Gippsland Art Gallery
City of Port Phillip
Macquarie Bank
Private collections in Australia and overseas.

2011 The Rupert Bunny Fellowship
2010 Australia Council for the Arts, Skills and Development - Music
Basso Residency, Kreuzberg, Berlin
Point-B Worklodge Residency, New York City
2008 John Coburn Emerging Professional Artist Award City of Melbourne, Arts Grant
2007 Artist in Residence, Australian Embassy Buenos Aires
2006 KPMG Tutorship
2006 Melbourne City Council, Arts Grant
2005 Australia Council for the Arts, New Work Grant
2004 National Gallery Womens Association Postgraduate Award
2003 Dominique Segan Drawing Prize

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