My works generally deal with themes of vanishing and transience – the Vanitas motive applied to art and the medium itself. Photography always serves as a starting point in my artistic process, but through experimentation, different media are always a possible endpoint. Abstraction tends to play an important role – an uncanny distance between Viewer and Work is a prerequisite.

While my work employs different media, and sometimes very different styles, my approach, methodology and inspirations are generally similar.

In my urban nightscapes, architectural spaces that were designed to make man disappear into a repetitive anonymous blob in a generic city maze. The dark spaces border on a play between aestheticism and nihilism, and assisted by the often fragile printing materials, it might be revealed which one might prevail in the end.

My more metaphotographic works also deal with concepts of disappearing. Objets trouvés, security camera footage, and other types of photographic experiments are all employed to point to the medium’s limitations of preserving a memory or a moment in time, and to highlight its complete incapability to represent reality.

Lastly, my multimedia works focus on repetition, a stream of consciousness intended to reflect my personal questioning of my art.

2017: Master Class with Ingo Taubhorn & Ute Mahler, Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, Berlin
2011: Master of Visual Arts (Photography), Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent, Belgium
2005: Master of Linguistics and Literature: Germanic Languages (English & Swedish), Ghent University, Belgium

Solo exhibitions
2021 – Boutwell Schabrowsky Gallery, Munich – SAFE_LIGHT
2020 – Gallery DIA, Munich – Non-Horizons
2019 – Gallery DIA, Munich – DISAPPEARANCE
2019 – Carlsberg Byens Galleri & Kunstsalon – THE ERADICATED SKYLINE – Copenhagen Photo Festival
2018 – Gallery DIA, Munich – HORROR VACUI
2014 – Performance & Exhibition, X X X Berlin Store & Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2013 – CC De Stroming, Evergem, Belgium. Series: “Invisible Motions”
2013 – Installation and presentation at “Obscur” showroom, Paris
2012 – VZW Breedbeeld, “VIER”, Ghent
2011 – KR Line Gallery, Antwerp. “disparitions”

Group exhibitions
2021 – EXTRUSION, ExtractArt – Virtual Exhibition
2020 – ESCAPING_PHOTOGRAPHY_, ExtractArt (Month of Photography, Berlin)
2020 – Gallery DIA, Munich – Retour à la Nature
2020 – UNSEEN, ExtractArt – Pandemic Exhibition
2019 – SPEKTRUM, 12 Photographic Positions, Gallery DIA, Munich
2019 – Young Blood Collective, Berlin, “The Infinite Wheel of Time”
2019 – Museo Riso of Contemporary Art, Palermo – “Shifting Stances”
2018 – Museum Domäne Dahlem, Camera Urbana, curated by Dr. Lili Fürstenow
2018 – Breaking Myth - an exhibition of contemporary photography – Museo D'Aumale, Terrassini (Palermo Capital of Culture 2018), curated by Dr. Luca lo Sicco
2018 – Master class exhibition – Ostkreuzschule Für Fotografie (Ute Mahler & Ingo Taubhorn)
2017 – Gruppo Fallani Venezia – Screenprint production & exhibition, Arte Laguna Prize
2017 – ARTESANTANDER, Duo Exhibition with Katarzyna Szszycka “Empty Places” – COLLECTIVA Gallery Berlin
2016 – Month of Photography Berlin – "UNDRAWING THE HORIZON"
2016 – HB55 Art Factory – Group exhibition ArtFest 2016
2016 – In Vitro Musical Theatre Company – 10 Years Anniversary Exhibition, Ghent, Belgium
2016 – COLLECTIVA Gallery Berlin – Exhibition with painter Regina Nieke
2016 – Darklands, Berlin – Preview presentation of "Horror Vacui"
2015 – SIM Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland – Artist Residency & Exhibition "Did You See Them?" supported by SIM, the Association of Icelandic Artists
2014 – VOID Gallery, Paris – Showroom exhibition in collaboration with designer Mads Dinesen.
2013 – Through the Looking Glass (contemporary analogue photography), Marquee Gallery, Berlin
2012 – Harlan-Levey Space, Brussels. “The Circle Game”
2011 – International Photo Festival, Knokke. “The Green Room”
2009 – NEU/NOW Festival, ELIA Art Schools, Vilnius, Lithuania
2009 – Outlandish Gallery for Photography, Brussels

2017 – Neutral Density Photography Awards – Honourable Mention, Fine Art Landscape Photography
2017 – Arte Laguna Prize (Arsenale – Venice), Special Prize – Artist in Residence
2011 – Graduation Prize for Photography, Horlait-Dapsens Foundation