The Munich-based artist began in a very classical way: she moved to Oberammergau and came back as a wood sculptor, only to move on to London to study art, design and communications. Since then, she has steadily expanded her artistic spectrum: it ranges from performance to video and photography to comic books, ceramics, objects and installations ...not to forget: drawings. The gallery is showing a selection from the series "Dark Collages".

Judith Egger is like a system of satellites orbiting around a central theme, namely 'energy'. Not just any physical unit. No, she is interested in the primordial energy. This pure energy that flows through everything that exists ... that gives life the initial spark so that it begins to breathe. This all-encompassing, pure energy fascinates Judith Egger because it is in all of us and drives us like an engine. The vital, creative, visionary element in us is given the spark it needs to enter the world.

Judith Eggers' cartoon-like drawings, spiced with a good pinch of the legendary 'dark humour' of the British, tell of this power. Amorphous masses swell, swell and push in all directions to grow and develop. But it is not easy for them - geometric structures put up quite a fight against the developmental urge of the bulging mass of life. They set the direction and keep the untamed 'life force' in check.

The vitality of life is increasingly disappearing from our society. Judith Egger observes this development attentively, in which life is more and more constructed and controlled, but less and less lived. The artist's observations flow into works that are often carried by a delightful irony. Her "insect hotels" are a fine example. The source of inspiration was the local DIY stores in and around Munich. Various models of such a so-called insect hotel can be purchased there. "Interesting", says Judith Egger, a certain ambiguity caught her eye here.

Perfectly styled gardens, in which a privately motivated land consolidation is carried out, in which flora and fauna do not feel welcome. And that is why one puts such an insect hotel in the garden to offer "nesting aids" to wild bees and ladybirds. "Environmental protection is 'in' and we're in" is the motto. It's a shame that most of these nesting aids are not visited by the beneficial flying and crawling creatures, because they simply do not meet their natural needs. Against this background, Judith Egger's advertisement for her versions of an insect hotel is to be understood with irony through and through.

1992 - 1993 Apprenticeship wood sculptor, Oberammergau
1993- 1997 Studies Communicationdesign, FH Augsburg & Lancashire University, Preston/England
1999 - 2001 Masters of Arts, Royal College of Art (RCA), London
2000 Scholarship (1 year), DAAD, London 

2010 Fellowship at the Federal Ministry for Culture, Bonn
2012 Projectgrant from the state capital of Munich for the performance „Bardo“
2015 “zwei:eins” new art prize Munich
2018 Funding through the Golart Stiftung

Solo exhibitions (selection) 

Lauschen & Lauern, Maximiliansforum, Munich
lost in shrubland, Galerie Aural, Alicante, SPain
Superzelle, short time GALERIE, Munic
shelter, Installation in the “Erlöserkirche”, Munich
Transmission Wood, sometimeStudio, Paris, France
HUNDUN, Installation, Institut für moderne Kunst Nürnberg, Defethaus, Nürnberg
URSPRUNG/ORIGINS – a test approach, whiteBOX, Munich(K)
Biotopias Parasitas, Root, Gm3 Landscape Studio, Madrid, Spain

Kraftraum für feinstoffliche Wesen, Kunstraum Bogenhausen, Munich (K)
Shape & Control, Galerie Esther Donatz, Munich
hamber of resonance mit Manuel Eitner, OPERATION TABLE/QMAC:Kitakyushu City, Japan
Sumpf II, Galerie Max Weber Six Friedrich, Munich (K)
ciment bourbeux - gegen die Vermullung der Welt, sometimeStudio, Paris, France
Sumpf, Neue Galerie Landshut e.V., Landshut

Group exhibitions (selection)

“The Wind blows” with Judith Egger and Susanne Thiemann, Boutwell Schabrowsky gallery, Munich
Paper Matters, Susan Boutwell Gallery, Munich
Sehnsucht..., DG Kunstraum, Munich
The big sleep, Haus der Kunst, Munich
100 works on paper, Kentler International Drawing Space, New York, USA
BLICKFANG, Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren (K)

Eines Morgens vielleicht. DG – Galerie, Munich

SUPEROPTIMIZE ME!, Große Rathausgalerie, Landshut (K)

Versehrt sein, Stadt- und Spielzeugmuseum Traunstein (K)

Förderpreise Bildende Kunst 2018 der LH Munich (nominated), lothringer–13_halle,
Stand by me, Galerie der Künstler, Munich (K)
DING UND WESEN; Interaktionen an der Tiermaschine, Galerie Bridget Stern, Hamburg
In Ewigkeit, Galerie der DG, Deutsche Gesellschaft für christliche Kunst e.V., Munich
1884 to 1915 - an artistic position, National Art Gallery of Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia
les séntiers de la création, Galérie du Lycée Jean de la Fontaine, Chateau Thierry, (FR)
Jahresgaben, Kunstverein Munich 

„The Kentler celebrates 25: the advisory board selects!“, Kentler International Drawing Space, New York

CURIOSITY KILLS THE CAT, Galerie Esther Donatz, Munich

Kunstgriff! Natur als Konstruktion, Städtische Galerie Traunstein
München Zeichnet II, Galerie der Künstler, Munich (K)

Jahresgaben (Annual Gifts), Kunstverein Munich
Kulturpalast, Galerie Zwitschermaschine, Berlin

lézards pour l´école, lizières, Epaux-Bezu, France (K)
Singing Sculptures, Rathausgalerie Munich
100 works paper benefit, Kentler International Drawing Space, New York
Kunst- und Wunderkammer revisited, Große Rathausgalerie Landshut/Bayerisches Nationalmuseum (K)

Performances (Selection)

Bardo, mit Michael Northam (sound) Sala Equis, Madrid (mit Galerie Aural)
HUNDUN, Munich Biennale für Musiktheater, Muffatwerk, Munich
Körperkasten, Evangelische Stadtakademie Munich, ARTIONALE
Bardo, Performance im Mundinnenraum, with Michael Northam (sound), MUG, Munich
white unknown entity, Chiyofuku 10th anniversary summer festival, Japan
grüne Erde, 4th International Prize for Performance, Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea of Trento
24h chopsticks, with Shiina Takehito via internet video, zkMax, Munich
endurance, 4th Dadao Live Art Festival, Beijing, China
Vor der Imago – die letzte Häutung, i-camp, Neues Theater, Munich
Nomadenlager, lothringer13, Munich
Eingriff - Operationen an Obst und Gemüse, Opening of the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich