Opening: Monday June 14, 2 – 8pm. The artist is present.

The Apple Tree Submarine is a unique art project with which artist Oh-Seok Kwon wants to create an “Art Community”.

You – as an art lover – will be involved in it. How? Learn more at the opening and the following days of the project week.

Apple Tree Submarine reflects the artist’s life stages, feelings and aspirations. In a series of drawings, he captures these milestones. The drawings are to be understood as Oh-Seok Kwon’s diary. Like the submarine, the artist looks at the world from a distance. He asks himself questions about being human, being rushed in the modern world, the excesses of striving “higher and higher – more and more” and the current insecurity. Thus, the flying submarine is like the artist’s eyes with which he permeates the world. As the title suggests, Oh-Seok Kwon has taken an apple tree on his journey through Munich and further around the world. Why? That would be too long a story at this point.