“How To” documents the step-by-step process, taken by artist Jonah Gebka, as he prepares for his solo exhibition, “Take Your Time”, at Boutwell Schabrowsky, Munich.

Jonah’s paintings frame a hand in the act of pulling out and/or putting back, a book from a shelf. The micro views of these paintings have been replicated in the compositions of this film. In this way, both the body of work and the film are interrelated.

Staying faithful to the paintings’ point of view, the film’s camera extends beyond the bookshelf, to other views and actions in Jonah’s studio, documenting not only the stages in his artistic process, but also the many elements in the visual content of his works that make up an ongoing theme.

A film by Max Boutwell Draper and Jonah Gebka
10 minutes 43 seconds