We’d like to congratulate Mira Makai on her new solo exhibition, “Treasure Hunt”, which just opened at the Four Rooms Gallery in Budapest, Hungary. Head to Mira’s website for full photo documentation of the exhibition.

Press release (courtesy the artist and Four Rooms Gallery):

The Four Rooms Gallery pleased to present Mira Makai’s solo exhibition, Treasure Hunt. The artist’s current exhibition unfolds the unknown layers of her artistic process. Her earlier works were organically spreading ceramic “rugs”. The used forms based on a simple observation of nature, therein reappear the treasure of natural museums, marine life such as the structures of minerals and rocks.

The technical horizon is expanding during this show, the ceramic sculptures complemented by woven fabrics, faux fur, painting and drawings. A new kind of narrative mode appears, the exhibited works are characterised by the use of large colour spots and robust shapes. The dynamic form of figurativeness also evokes East Asian visuality. In parallel, she plays with the elements of video games and a wide spectrum of pop-cultural references. The different meanings of the treasure as a symbol interweave the main idea of the exhibition. This mystified subject of our culture appears in lots of different forms and situations.

Four Rooms gallery is a non-profit exhibition space which established in 2016. Over the past few years, Four Rooms gallery became one of the most visited and acknowledged non-profit contemporary gallery in Budapest. The gallery is focusing on young artists, whose practice often reflects on social issues with critical attitudes.