Peter Daverington is back. On Thursday, 16 May, we will open his second solo exhibition in Munich. After the success of the first show in September 2017 and the installation of his impressive mural in the Werksviertel at the Ostbahnhof, he returns from New York with a new series of paintings.


In these new works, too, which all have the same small format, he appropriates, plunders, and quotes. He creates technically complex, surreal paintings that reflect Western art history.


The paintings are almost miniaturized and all have a golden background that underscores Peter Daverington’s interest in Byzantine icon painting. They touch on several historical epochs of the distant past, such as the landscape and portrait painting of the Quattrocento, but in their playful expression, absurdity and madness they appear very contemporary through the shiny, almost sweet-like surface.


Characteristic motifs such as the checkerboard, cylinders and spheres, but also stylized mountains and trees and the central perspective refer to Joachim Patinir, Piero della Francesca, Hieronymous Bosch and others.


Peter Daverington at Susan Boutwell Gallery opens Thursday 16 May, 6 – 8pm.

The artist will be present. Exhibition Dates are 17 May – 22 June 20